Visit the NW Minnesota Pollinator Garden

                             Check out the NW Minnesota Pollinator Garden Facebook page for up-to-date info

Enter the NW Pollinator Garden 
at 27569 190th Street NW

- During the Corona Virus Pandemic - 
All visitors must wear a mask and socially distance at least 6-feet 

Please CLOSE the gate to the fence around the garden beds
when you enter and leave

   PLEASE NO PETS (cats, dogs, etc)
no horses
no ATVs and snowmobiles
 no bird songs/calls, no audio lures
  and no tobacco products (including vaping)
no hunting, no trapping

Do NOT release squirrels and other unwanted wildlife here
(contact the Minnesota DNR in Thief River Falls)


 Please respect the "no access" and "danger" signs
as well as the privacy of our neighbors

There is no public access at 27499, 27453 and 27391 190th Street NW
Please do enter or block these driveways 
Please do not park along 190th Street NW
             Agassiz Audubon supports the development of the NW Minnesota Pollinator Garden

             mailing address: PO Box 152, Warren MN  56762
                                                                          phone:  218-745-5663


please do NOT shoot SKUNKS 
and any other animals
Take only pictures
Leave only footprints

No pets - No horses - No Fires - No Camping
No Hunting - No Fishing - No Trapping
No Weapons – No Firearms – No Knives
No bicycles or motorized vehicles

Please - do not use audio lures to call-in birds
Visitors may use the picnic at tables at the pollinator garden
No alcoholic beverages
Please pack out ALL your trash
There are no toilets on-site

This is a TOBACCO-FREE Destination
Please this is a wildlife sanctuary - no running, horseplay, loud noises 

Collecting is NOT permitted without written permission
           Do  not  pick, take, collect, dig-up, plant, release, molest, ­­­­tease, torment,
           irk, harass, badger, heckle, bother, vex, damage or disturb anything (dead or alive) 
           This includes:  

          plants - including flowers, seeds, fruits, cones, trees, shrubs, vines, 
leaves, limbs, bark, grasses, mosses, liverworts, ferns, horsetails, 
club mosses, lichens and mushrooms
          animals - birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, spiders, insects, mollusks, eggs,
           feathers, bones, antlers, skins, sheds, shells, carcasses and teeth
          Rocks, Minerals, soils, water samples and Creatures 
nests of birds, mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, insects, etc.